The Song Remains the Same by Andrew Ford, Anni Heino | Black Inc.

The Song Remains the Same: 800 Years of Love Songs, Laments and Lullabies

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About the author

Andrew Ford

Andrew Ford's music has been performed and recorded around the world, played by ensembles such as the Australian Chamber Orchestra, the Brodsky Quartet and the New Juilliard Ensemble, and sung by the likes of Yvonne Kenny, Katie Noonan and Iva Bittová. …

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Anni Heino

Anni Heino is a Finnish-born Australian writer and musicologist. She was head of classical music at the Finnish Music Information Centre and, since 2007, has been the editor at the Australian Music Centre. She is also the editor of Talking to Kinky

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Praise for The Song Remains the Same

‘As much about singing, musicianship and recording as it is about songwriting, this eclectic ride through a unique choice of songs (everyone will argue for alternatives) is cleverly curated and littered with intriguing details about the creators and their times, filled with loving cross-references to other songs and deft musical analysis. I defy anyone not to leap online to listen to the unfamiliar, or re-listen to old favourites in light of new detail. One of the best games in this book is figuring out why one song follows the other: there’s always an intelligent, often very funny, link.’ —Robyn Archer

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