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The Laughter Effect: How to Build Joy, Resilience and Positivity in Your Life

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About the author

Ros Ben-Moshe

Ros Ben-Moshe is an internationally recognised laughter wellness and positivity expert. She is adjunct lecturer at La Trobe University, where she has taught positive psychology and health promotion. A Global Laughter Ambassador, Ros is a regular commentator …

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Praise for The Laughter Effect

The Laughter Effect is a timely reminder that we could all do with a little more lightness in our lives. Ros Ben-Moshe shares the science of laughter and the practical ways to include more of it in our days. I’m certainly inspired to give it a try!’ —Kate James, author of Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life

‘[The Laughter Effect] offers a new dimension to self-care’ —Hannah Schauder, The Australian Jewish News

‘Ros shows us the importance to our body and soul of sharing and enjoying laughter at every chance.’ —Blue Wolf Reviews

‘You should be able to ‘turbocharge your humour, laughter and joy’ with this handbook.’ —Rama Gaind, PS News

The Laughter Effect is full of thoroughly researched, practical, and fun wellness strategies to help you live lighter (and maybe even longer) without having to buy new yoga pants!’ —Paul Osincup, keynote speaker, humour strategist, and author of The Humor Habit

‘Ben-Moshe’s international bestseller, The Laughter Effect – How to Build Joy, Positivity, and Resilience in Your Life, offers a roadmap to harnessing the power of laughter for a happier, more resilient life.’ —Michael Rucker