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Wellmania: Misadventures in the Search for Wellness

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About the author

Brigid Delaney

Brigid Delaney is a senior writer for Guardian Australia. She has previously worked as a lawyer and journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald, the Telegraph (London), ninemsn and CNN. She is the author of …

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Praise for Wellmania

‘Brigid Delaney is the queen of calamity and a fearless, sane guide into the bizarre heart of our modern obsessions. This will make you groan in horror as much as it’ll make you laugh out loud.’ —Benjamin Law

‘A bloody entertaining read that leaves you wondering whether you want to do yoga and meditation or get mindlessly drunk and despair at the state of the world. Basically I wish that I’d written it.’ —Judith Lucy

‘At last! A funny, well-written work of first-person gonzo reportage concerning all the health and serenity treatments you've ever been too feeble personally to undertake. Think of this book as an entertaining semi-colonic.’ —Annabel Crabb

‘Her search is earnest, and she’s game for just about anything, but Delaney is also unflinching in her examination of the darker side of the wellness industry’ —Jenni Kauppi, Books+Publishing

Wellmania is a thoughtful and thoroughly entertaining guide for those who are either curious about or confounded by the wellness industry.’ —iBooks, Best of July 2017