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Investing with Keynes: How the world’s greatest economist overturned conventional wisdom and made a fortune on the stock market

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Justyn Walsh

Justyn Walsh, the author of Investing with Keynes, is CEO of BridgeLane Agriculture Partners, an asset management firm focused on the conversion of large-scale agricultural holdings to organically accredited and regeneratively farmed operations. …

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Investing with Keynes

Praise for Investing with Keynes

‘[Investing with Keynes] is full of evocative anecdotes. I wish that Keynes were around today, as he could easily have been describing the past year when he wrote: “It is because particular individuals, fortunate in situation or in abilities, are able to take advantage of uncertainty and ignorance ... that great inequalities of wealth come about.” He would doubtless have had strong opinions on our current investing environment.’ —Wall Street Journal