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My Tongue Is My Own: A Life of Gwen Harwood

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About the author

Ann-Marie Priest

Ann-Marie Priest is the author of A Free Flame: Australian Women Writers; Vocation in the Twentieth Century, which was shortlisted for the 2016 Dorothy Hewett Award; and Great Writers, Great Loves. She works as a senior lecturer at …

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Praise for My Tongue Is My Own

‘Gwen Harwood’s life story shows the familiar tension felt by a gifted poet who is also a dedicated wife and mother, but it is more complex than that division suggests. This self-styled ‘Hobart housewife’ was passionate in love and friendship, a trickster who waged war on literary editors, a shapeshifter with half a dozen identities as poet, a brilliant letter writer. Why and how Harwood used her formidable creative powers in unexpected ways is explored by Ann-Marie Priest in this fine biography.’ —Brenda Niall, author of True North: The Story of Mary and Elizabeth Durack and the multi-award-winning Mannix

'Gwen Harwood, that excellent poet and critic, deserves a sympathetic and lively biography. Ann-Marie Priest, to her credit, has just written that book.' —Ann Blainey, winner of 2009 National Biography Award

“[My Tongue Is My Own is an] accessible recounting of Gwen Harwood’s crowded and emotionally vertiginous life, strengthened by many quotes from her witty correspondence. It should return readers to what matters: her poetry.”
—Gig Ryan, award-winning poet and former poetry editor of The Age

‘Absolutely splendid ... [reveals] an extraordinary amount of research.’
—Alison Hoddinott, author of Gwen Harwood: The Real and the Imagined World and coeditor of Gwen Harwood’s Collected Poems, 1943–1995 (2003)..

'Admirably lucid ... written with sensitivity.' 
 —Gregory Kratzmann, editor of Gwen Harwood: Selected Poems (2001) and coeditor of Gwen Harwood’s  Collected Poems, 1943–1995 (2003).

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