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Party Time: Who Runs China and How

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About the author

Rowan Callick

Rowan Callick is the author of Party Time: Who Runs China and How and Comrades and Capitalists: Hong Kong Since the Handover.

He is Asia-Pacific editor for the Australian and was a previously …

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Praise for Party Time

Party Time is a remarkable portrait of China today. Rowan Callick writes with a twofold strength: 1) the outstanding quality of his information drawn mostly from the source: the Chinese people themselves (officials and dissenters, millionaires and paupers, artists, students, country people, urbanites, old and young) ­and 2) a rare ability not to draw conclusions, but to raise the questions that truly matter, with a subtle mixture of clear-sightedness, awe and human compassion.’ —Simon Leys

‘This new book [on China] by Callick, several years in preparation, is right up there with the best of them. If anything, it is better than the others in at least one respect: it provides a more fascinatingly diverse portrait gallery of contemporary individuals in China than any of the others.’ —the Australian


‘This is an astute, extended journalistic examination of power in China today, as well as the paradoxical nature of China itself.’ —The Age


‘A disturbing glimpse of life in the 21st century’ —Herald Sun