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Radical Hope: Education and Equality in Australia

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About the author

Noel Pearson

Noel Pearson is the founder and director of the Cape York Partnership, and the author of Up From the Mission, two Quarterly Essays and many essays, articles and speeches.

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Praise for Radical Hope

‘I am in awe of Pearson’s dedication and determination to change the educational outcomes for the Indigenous children of Cape York.’ —Jane Caro

‘Essential reading for all who care about the true nature of the society we have created in Australia’ —Alex Miller

‘Noel Pearson is the most influential intellectual in Australia’ —John Hirst, Australian Literary Review


‘Pearson has prompted quite a few conservative Australians to a change of heart’ —Tony Abbott


‘Noel Pearson is the best political and social essayist in the country’ —Michael Gawenda, Crikey


‘Pearson is a master of the essay as a literary form’ —Peter Sutton, Monthly


‘We all need the Pearson project.’ —Inga Clendinnen, Australian


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