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Randomistas: How Radical Researchers Changed Our World

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About the author

Andrew Leigh

Andrew Leigh is the federal member for Fenner. Before being elected in 2010, he was a professor of economics at the Australian National University. His books include Battlers and Billionaires

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Praise for Randomistas

‘The subject of this book could hardly be more vital: are we humble enough to admit we may be wrong, and do we care enough to learn? Randomistas is rigorous, impassioned and tremendous fun. Everyone should read it.’ —Tim Harford, author of The Undercover Economist and Fifty Things That Made The Modern Economy


Randomistas is a tour de force – an engaging, passionate, how-to account of randomised experiments. After reading Leigh’s book, you’ll be baffled at the many businesses and governments yet to catch on. Fortunately, Leigh also offers a simple guide that anyone can follow. If the next generation of policymakers follows his advice – and let’s hope they do - this book will literally change the world.’  —David Halpern, head of the UK’s Behavioural Insights Team, author of Inside the Nudge Unit


Randomistas takes the reader on a great journey about how data and experiments can make the world a better place, one policy at a time.’ —Dean Karlan, professor of economics at Yale


‘Packed with tantalising tales, Randomistas is essential reading for anyone interested in debunking myths and uncovering hidden truths.’ —Steven Levitt, co-author of Freakonomics

‘Full of compelling and sometimes jaw-dropping stories of random trials that threw out surprising results ... Andrew Leigh’s book entertains and informs in equal measure. It will change the way you think.’  —Books+Publishing

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