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The Successor
The Successor
The Successor
The Successor
The Successor

We know little about one of the world’s most powerful media titans. Compelling, scrupulously reported … An important book that is also a page turner. 
—Ken Auletta

The Successor: The High-Stakes Life of Lachlan Murdoch

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About the author

Paddy Manning

Paddy Manning is the author of several award-winning books, including biographies of Malcolm Turnbull and Nathan Tinkler. During almost twenty years in journalism he has worked for Crikey, The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian …

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Praise for The Successor

‘We know little about one of the world’s most powerful media titans. This compelling, scrupulously reported biography of Lachlan Murdoch opens a window to the politics and passions of the still young man to whom armies of employees at Fox News and newspapers and media on three continents now salute. An important book that is also a page turner.’ —Ken Auletta, author of Hollywood Ending: Harvey Weinstein and the Culture of Silence

‘Impeccably researched and entertainingly told, this is the compelling story of Australia’s lowest profile but most influential media billionaire. Paddy Manning threads together a tale of victories, blunders, family intrigue, insurrection and deal making to offer the most complete picture yet of a succession battle that is anything but resolved.’ —Tim Burrowes, author of Media Unmade

‘It is hard to think of a better time to write an account of the life and times of Lachlan Murdoch, heir-apparent to the News Corp throne – or of a better writer to do it. Who Lachlan Murdoch is, how he thinks and what he does with his power is vital to Australian democracy. Paddy Manning has it all covered. If the writers of Succession read this book, they’ll be in work for years to come.’ —Monica Attard, author of Russia: Which Way Paradise?

‘With the Murdoch media empire teetering on the edge of dynastic succession, Paddy Manning’s compelling biography reveals how the prodigal son managed to overcome intense sibling rivalry and a mixed corporate report card to emerge as Rupert’s most likely heir.’ —Bridget Griffen-Foley, author of The House of Packer

‘As the first biography of the current head of a powerful media empire, The Successor is well worth reading.’ —Matthew Ricketson, The Conversation

‘Given this is the man who likely already has operational oversight of a company that controls two-thirds of the Australian newspaper market, Australians deserve to know a lot more about him. They could learn a fair bit from The Successor.’ —Michael Rowland, ABC News

‘I’m grateful for this valuable addition to our understanding of someone we should all know more about.’ —Andrew Dodd, Inside Story

‘Paddy Manning pulls together the strands of the 51-year-old media mogul’s life in a highly readable tome.’ —Amanda Meade, The Guardian Australia

‘From afar, Lachlan Murdoch presents like an empty and venal man. The Successor suggests that, up close, he’s exactly the same.’ —Jeff Sparrow, The Saturday Paper

‘Pacy and illuminating’ —Patrick Mullins, Australian Book Review

‘If you are a person who is interested in world affairs and how opinions are formed then this book will appeal to you … It is a riveting account of his life and his position’ —Marina Marangos, Weekend Notes

‘The Successor: The High-Stakes Life of Lachlan Murdoch, is a testament to [Manning’s] deep understanding of the Murdoch dynasty.’ —Mi3

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