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Return to Uluru

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Awards for Return to Uluru

  • Longlisted, 2021 Mark & Evette Moran Nib Literary Award

About the author

Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna is one of Australia’s leading historians, based at the University of Sydney. He is the author of several prize-winning books, including From the Edge: Australia’s Lost Histories, Looking for Blackfellas’ Point and …

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Return to Uluru

Praise for Return to Uluru

‘Mark McKenna sets the highest standard for truth-telling of the kind that Australians so urgently need if they are to live in this country with honour. I feel sure that this book will become an Australian classic, not the first of its kind, but certainly the most powerful narrative I have read of frontier injustice and its resonance in our lives today.’ —Marcia Langton

‘Mark McKenna has exposed the wounded heart of Australia. Never has a history of our country so assumed the power of sacred myth. Return to Uluru is a spellbinding story of death and resurrection that is Australian to its core.’ —James Boyce

‘A timely elevation of a foundational Australian–Aṉangu story in the age of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. The Uluru Statement seeks to enshrine, as this book does, the ancient polities of this land within the framework of Australian democracy. Return to Uluru will form an important part of Australia’s truth-telling canon.’ —Megan Davis

‘In illuminating one incident at Uluru in the 1930s, Mark McKenna casts a larger light on the culture and ideology of that era – harsh and brutal in so many ways, yet also uncomfortably recognisable. A clever, well-written book for Australian schools and politicians’ desks.’ —Robyn Davidson

‘As the nation drags its heels on adequate truth-telling and injustices against First Nations people continue to be perpetrated, books like this help expose the source of the rot.’ —Kim Thomson, Books+Publishing

‘What follows is an incredible investigation that not only throws a crucial new light on this one death – resonating through the families of the two men today – but also lights a meaningful path to understanding and reconciliation.’—Christine Middap, The Weekend Australian Magazine

‘Sometimes a book arrives at a propitious moment, bringing news we need to hear. Return to Uluru is such a work.’ —Geordie Williamson, The Australian

‘A stunning lesson about the persistence of the past.’ —Jeff Sparrow, Sydney Morning Herald

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