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Sundressed : Natural Fibres and the Future of Fashion

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About the author

Lucianne  Tonti

Lucianne Tonti has worked in fashion in Melbourne, Sydney, London and Paris. In 2020 she launched the sustainable fashion site Prelude, as profiled in Vogue. …

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Praise for Sundressed

‘Even for those devoted to fashion, the ugly side of beautiful clothing is impossible to ignore. Yet the dazzling complexity in how what we wear gets made means the scope of the problem – and the way out – is difficult to fully grasp. Where many might condescend or sneer, Lucianne Tonti takes on this hard task with clear-eyed tenderness. She does not offer obvious solutions where there are none, but proposes a tapestry of possibilities for mending a broken industry. This book has a message of hope for fashion lovers: the clothes made with the most care are also the most exquisite.’ —Alyx Gorman, lifestyle editor for The Guardian

Sundressed will inspire consumers and creators to move beyond sustainability into an age of regeneration.’ —Kit Willow

‘An engrossing read for any fashion lover.’ —Fashion Journal