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About the author

Dennis Glover

Dennis Glover was educated at Monash and Cambridge universities and has made a career as one of Australia's leading speechwriters. His first novel, The Last Man in Europe, was published around the world in multiple editions and was nominated …

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Praise for Thaw

‘Thaw will leave any lover of history, extreme exploration or mystery on the edge of their seat, wanting more.’ —Jess Lewis, Books+Publishing

‘Glover constructs a research-grounded narrative that questions the focus of many previous expedition accounts, successfully reframing a compelling polar discourse to more productive ends.’ —Morgan Nunan, Australian Book Review

‘Glover’s writing is always engaging … Wherever the story goes, he never loses focus on the story’s central themes: failure, legacy, and our planet’s awesome, unpredictable, and intractable climate.’ —Joe Murray, Readings

‘This novel explores the beginning of climate science and the passions that drive both explorers and scientists to tackle the harshest conditions imaginable in order to uncover the mysteries of our (dying) planet.’ —Barry Reynolds, The Courier Mail

‘…written with a poised, meticulous care that will fascinate anyone … a thrilling new instalment in a never-ending story.’ —Peter Craven, The Saturday Paper

‘Thaw is a gripping historical narrative with deep contemporary resonances: as Antarctica increasingly weathers the impacts of climate change, its significance is perhaps greater now than ever.’ —Cheryl Akle, The Weekend Australian

‘An enthralling account of the perils of Antarctic exploration and a reminder of the reality of climate change.’ —Nicole Abadee, The Age

‘The release of Thaw is well-timed … Glover's novel draws on mounting evidence and plausible scientific scenarios regarding the effects of the changing climate on the polar regions.’ —Adrian Rollins, The Canberra Times

‘Glover’s command of historical and speculative material delivers a cracking good yarn that’s impossible to put down.’ —Clare Rhoden, Aurealis

‘Thaw uses elements of speculation alongside historical fiction, but its impetus is firmly driven by the present. The novel is broadly a type of environmental fiction in which meteorology takes centre stage.’ —Jack Cameron Stanton, The Age

‘Thaw, by Dennis Glover, a scientific thriller, with a strong dose of history, and an equally strong dose of ripping yarn, a compelling mixture of can’t-put-it-down and well researched archival material.’ —Nick Goldie, The Monaro Post

‘A deeply researched, chilling reminder of the reality of climate change that reads like a thriller.’ —Nicole Abadee, The Sydney Morning Herald

‘The historical sections of Thaw are carefully researched and evoked … definitely worth reading for anyone interested in Scott, climate change science, and ways in which they might be unexpectedly connected.’ —Elizabeth Leane, The Times

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