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Factory 19

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  • An Australian Country Style Best Book of 2021

About the author

Dennis Glover

Dennis Glover, the son of factory labourers, grew up in a town just like Factory 19. Educated at Monash and Cambridge universities, he has made a career as one of Australia’s leading speechwriters and political commentators. His first novel, The …

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Factory 19

Praise for Factory 19

‘Like Orwell, of whom he has written so brilliantly, Dennis Glover’s work is charged with courage, intelligence and purpose. He is the complete writer, and one made for our times.’ —Don Watson

‘Savagely hilarious and unlike anything else you’ll read this year. It boils with the anger of the present moment.’ —Rohan Wilson

‘Glover deftly drops the allusions here and there so that the Orwellian contempt for sloganeering, bureaucracy, and totalitarianism emerges ... It’s very cleverly done, and the tension in the concluding chapters is all the more compelling for being so unexpected.’  —ANZ Lit Lovers

‘Steeped in historical detail, Factory 19 is both a social commentary on the malefic indifference of the digital age and a criticism of neoliberalism’s deleterious effect on the working class ... For those who feel increasingly alienated by the digital age, this may be your ticket off the mainland.’  —The Guardian

‘Humorous, thought-provoking and entirely imaginable, Factory 19 is a fascinating commentary on where we may be headed.’ —Books+Publishing

Factory 19 is a Swiftean satire for the modern technophobe. We need writers such as Glover who have the eloquence and imagination to interpret the world differently, who write novels that are intellectually robust and capture their political ambitions as fables.’ —The Age

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