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Voyage of the Southern Sun: An Amazing Solo Journey Around the World

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About the author

Michael Smith

Michael Smith is the owner of the Sun Theatre in Yarraville, Melbourne, which he bought in 1995 and restored, and a keen flyer. He made a full-length documentary about his record-breaking round-the-world flight, which will be screened around Australia. …

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Praise for Voyage of the Southern Sun

‘The blue-sky dreaming of Walter Mitty, the resourcefulness of Phileas Fogg and – dare I say it? – the over-confidence and geniality of Mr Toad in a flying machine. Surely these literary figures were the inspiration for such an adventure. A marvellous exploit and wonderfully told.’ —A.J. Mackinnon, author The Unlikely Voyage of Jack de Crow

From near fatal tailspins, to watching bad movies in bizarre places, The Voyage of the Southern Sun is a ripping yarn that relives the days of Earhart, Lindberg and Kingsford Smith. —Jeff Maynard, Herald Sun