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Basin: A Novel

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About the author

Scott McCulloch

Born in Melbourne, based between Ukraine and the Caucasus since 2014, and currently dividing his time between Lebanon and Georgia, Scott McCulloch works with prose, essay and sound. His writings have appeared in various …

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Praise for Basin

‘Scott McCulloch gives us an entry into a world of intense life – at once entirely immanent and deeply radical. Through a narrative with and beyond times and places, he demonstrates that life only exists when anchored in the musicality of life – a great manifestation of which lies in his own writing.’ —Donatien Grau

‘Scott McCulloch has stood and stared into the abyss. Basin is a terrifying dream of life, a fearless blast from the future.’ —Miles Allinson, author of Fever of Animals

‘McCulloch’s earthy language is undeniably heady and compelling’ —Sian Cain, The Guardian

‘Passage after passage of great beauty … Basin is simultaneously vivid and enigmatic: a compelling paradox.’ —Jack Cameron Stanton, The Saturday Paper

‘Atavistic and hallucinatory, jarringly visceral and deeply cerebral, this is a stunning debut from Melbourne-born Scott McCulloch.’ —Readings

‘Basin is an uncompromising vision of war and death.’ —Kill Your Darlings

‘...utterly and completely satisfying.’—Gabrielle Williams, Readings

‘a visceral, purgatorial odyssey through a dystopian future’ —Cameron Woodhead, The Saturday Age

‘Basin is a searching, cerebral journey that foregrounds the corporeal in a polyphonic, multi layered text. With a compulsive regard for myth and metaphysics, the novel successfully emerges from the primeval waters of oblivion.’ —Morgan Nunan, Australian Book Review

‘Beautiful and stark, and a little bit crazed’ —ABC Radio National ‘The Bookshelf’

‘…brilliantly written debut novel’ —Jen Craig, Overland