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China Matters: Getting it Right for Australia

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About the author

Linda Jakobson

Linda Jakobson is an award-winning, internationally recognised author of six books on China. A Mandarin speaker, she worked as a researcher and policy adviser in China for 22 years before moving to Sydney in 2011 to become East Asia Program Director …

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Bates Gill

Bates Gill is Professor of Asia-Pacific Strategic Studies at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University. He is an internationally recognised China expert with 25 years’ experience as a scholar and policy adviser. Dr …

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Praise for China Matters

‘Cuts through the volatile mix of hype, hysteria and complacency surrounding the Middle Kingdom in Australia to sketch out a nuanced road map for dealing with Asia’s rising super power.’ —Richard McGregor

‘Australians must learn to live with China’s power. This is simply the best all-round guide we have for how to do this.’ —Hugh White

‘For all its modern gloss, China is scarcely less strangely and severely governed by today’s communist elite than it was under imperial dynasties. Yet its connections and influence have already become ubiquitous in Australia today, bringing great opportunity but also risk. This should command the educated attention of all Australians. That is why China matters. That is why China Matters matters.’ —Rowan Callick, author of Party Time: Who Runs China and How

‘For an Australia increasingly divided between a reliance on China for its future prosperity, and an apprehension about what a powerful China means for its security and values, China Matters is a timely intervention. Deeply knowledgeable, engagingly argued, and most importantly wise and balanced, this book should be read by all Australians who think seriously about their country’s future.’ —Michael Wesley, author of Restless Continent: Wealth, Rivalry and Asia’s New Geopolitics

‘Jakobson and Gill avoid the common twin traps of China analysis. They are not romantic or rabid. They offer a timely realism. This book helps brace Australia for a tricky future with a great, rising power that we need to understand.’ —Peter Hartcher, author of The Sweet Spot: How Australia Made Its Own Luck – And Could Now Throw It All Away 

‘This is crucial reading for Australian decision-makers and the broader Australian public. Australia survives and prospers because we have become adept at navigating the complexities of our region and their linkage with our broader global interests. In this uncertain and increasingly dangerous world we need a deep understanding of China’s directions. This helps.’ —Kim Beazley, president of the Australian Institute for International Affairs and former ambassador to the United States 

‘For most of the last twenty centuries, China has been the largest economy in the world and it is on track to become so again. The recent remarkable economic success has changed the balance of global economic power and by association, the balance of political power. It is no longer a question of should there be a relationship between Australia, its institutions and China, but how that relationship works and develops. This requires different thinking around the strategic relationship, which must encompass political, cultural as well as economic understanding. China will play an increasingly important part and will shape, in many ways, the future of Australia. Being aware of what makes China tick, will be more important than ever.’ —Mike Smith, senior adviser, PwC Australia’s Asia Practice and former CEO, ANZ Banking Group