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Couchsurfing in Iran: Revealing a Hidden World

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About the author

Stephan Orth

Stephan Orth’s three books, SorryWe Missed the RunwayCouchsurfing in Iran and Couchsurfing in Russia, have all been major bestsellers in Germany. They have been translated into ten …

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Praise for Couchsurfing in Iran

‘A fascinating, irreverent tale of freestyle travel through a notoriously unfree land.’ — Mike Spencer Bown, author of The World’s Most Travelled Man

‘A wonderful book.’ —Sueddeutsche Zeitung

‘Reading this book, you’ll inevitably fall in love with the hospitable people of Iran.’—Neue Presse

‘A breezy narrative that offers a couch-level view of Iran that you won’t find in travel guides.’ —Kirkus Review

‘Like a web-savvy denizen of Bonnett’s 16th stopping point, “Cybertopia,” Orth used the internet to launch himself into a fantastical realm that happens to be real.’ —New York Times


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