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Couchsurfing in Russia: Friendships and Misadventures Behind Putin’s Curtain

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About the author

Stephan Orth

Stephan Orth’s three books, SorryWe Missed the RunwayCouchsurfing in Iran and Couchsurfing in Russia, have all been major bestsellers in Germany. They have been translated into ten …

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Praise for Couchsurfing in Russia

‘Funny, insightful, and mind-bendingly entertaining. Stephan Orth is a fearless and fabulous tour guide to the real Russia and its people.’—Lisa Dickey, author of Bears in the Streets: Three Journeys across a Changing Russia

‘Quirky, subtly revealing … Amazing reporting, generous pictures, and the author's true sense of connection with the locals add up to a truly honest view of Russia today.’—Kirkus Reviews

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