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Mother of Rock: The Lillian Roxon Story

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About the author

Robert Milliken

Robert Milliken was a Sydney-based journalist and author.

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Praise for Mother of Rock

‘I don’t think I’d ever have written a song if it weren’t for Lillian. I have to attribute to her my first awareness of the women’s movement, and the fact that it might be OK to write something and show it to someone without being laughed off the planet.’ —Helen Reddy

‘Robert Milliken has taken this bright and shining life and allowed it to live again. The research is immaculate and the style and crafting of it a fitting tribute to someone of whom we should all be more aware.’ —Courier Mail


‘Lillian represented Sydney. That very lucky, fearless kind of experimentation with everything, whether it was thoughts or style. It belonged to Sydney.’ —David Malouf