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Poster Boy: A Memoir of Art and Politics

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About the author

Peter Drew

Peter Drew was born in 1983 in Adelaide. He holds a master’s degree from the Glasgow School of Art. His work has been exhibited at the Art Gallery of South Australia and the National Gallery of Australia, though his most prominent art is installed …

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Praise for Poster Boy

‘Peter Drew’s work changes how we see our streets and country, as well as activism and art. Be warned: This galvanising book might propel you to start a movement yourself.’ Benjamin Law

'An unflinching look at modern Australia, Poster Boy is a tale literally told from the streets. It is a stark story where the villains blend in with those devoted to pushing for change. This book floored me.' Osher Günsberg

‘To read Poster Boy is to experience the life-enriching idea that one person can make real change. Then wait for the minute, the day, the week, when the afterglow of his story works its magic on your own simple deeds. From little things, big things truly grow.’ Megan Morton

‘An insightful look into the life and mind of one of Australia's most progressive and forthright artists of our generation.’ Nick Mitzevich, director of the National Gallery of Australia