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The Shortest History of China

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Linda Jaivin

Linda Jaivin has been studying Chinese politics, language and culture for more than forty years. She has been a foreign correspondent in China, and is co-editor of the China Story Yearbook, an associate of the Australian Centre on China in …

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The Shortest History of China

Praise for The Shortest History of China

‘A fast-paced and witty survey of China’s past, written with spirit and verve. Jaivin knows her stuff but wears her erudition lightly. Iconoclastic, informative and more attentive to female figures than many comparable works. Highly recommended.’ —Jeffrey Wasserstrom, author of Vigil: Hong Kong on the Brink

‘An electrifying and erudite ride through Chinese history – Linda Jaivin has written an illuminating history book that is also a real page-turner.’ —Alice Pung, author of Unpolished Gem and Her Father’s Daughter

‘Read this in a fever-fuelled blitz, look up and I promise you China – and indeed, the world – will make more sense.’ —Benjamin Law, author of The Family Law and Gaysia

‘War, revolution, rise and fall, emperors, tyrants: China is more than a nation and bigger than a myth. It demands a great storyteller, and in Linda Jaivin, it has one.’ —Stan Grant

‘It’s no mean feat to cover the entire history of China in fifteen chapters, but Linda Jaivin manages it with panache. Succinct, lucid and with a keen eye for detail, this slim book is an indispensable primer on China.’ —Louisa Lim, author of The People’s Republic of Amnesia

‘Jaivin’s may be the shortest history of China; it’s also one of the best. lt tells the story from the beginning to the present day in crisp and artful fashion, short enough for the narrative to flow briskly, but selectively detailed enough to convey the richness, the intrigue, the brilliance and the tragedies of the story. Jaivin has the erudition of long study, and she combines it with a touch of the poetic and the playful in her absorbing, wonderful book.’ —Richard Bernstein

‘Half a dozen new books on China have hit the shelves in recent weeks but few authors are as qualified as Ms Jaivin to explain how we got here.’ —Liz Loveday, Australian Associated Press

‘Jaivin has a terrific eye for telling details and effortlessly turns a highly complex, sprawling story into a thoroughly informing and entertaining read.’ —The Age

‘A tour de force and a really marvellous read ... makes the case that understanding history and patterns that recur throughout history is crucial for understanding modern China ... [Jaivin] also writes powerful vignettes about women in China, stories that often don’t get told in conventional histories.’ —Bec Strating, Executive Director, La Trobe Asia

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