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The Sound of Pictures

The Sound of Pictures: Listening to the Movies, from Hitchcock to High Fidelity

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About the author

Andrew Ford

Andrew Ford is the author of, among others, Illegal Harmonies, Earth Dances, Try Whistling This and The Sound of Pictures. He is a composer, writer and broadcaster and presents The Music Show on ABC Radio National. His awards …

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Praise for The Sound of Pictures

‘Andrew Ford's book is delightfully snippy and entertaining. More importantly, it's also wonderfully informed in a way that will enhance film viewing past, present and future. A hugely enjoyable and revelatory read.’ —Margaret Pomeranz

The Sound of Pictures will be joyfully read by movie and music fans alike.’ —Canberra Times


‘Enjoyable and rewarding’ —Adelaide Advertiser


‘Beautifully written’ —Sydney Morning Herald

‘A must read’ —Courier Mail


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