Twiggy by Andrew Burrell | Black Inc.

Twiggy: The High-Stakes Life of Andrew Forrest

Awards for Twiggy

  • Winner, 2014 Ashurst Business Literature Prize

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About the author

Andrew Burrell

Andrew Burrell has been a journalist for twenty years, covering business and politics in Australia, South-East Asia and China. He worked for the Australian Financial Review in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth before being posted as a correspondent …

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Praise for Twiggy

‘Burrell’s Forrest is the epitome, some would say a caricature, of the Australian self-styled capitalist risk-taker, utterly convinced that ‘what’s good for Twiggy is good for the country!’ But what if it’s not? He didn’t cooperate with the author, but Twiggy should read Twiggy. He might learn something about his methods, about his unapologetically mercenary manner and motivation, indeed about himself – the good, the bad and the ugly. Not just a terrific read, but an important life to have on the national record.’ —George Negus

‘This is a book that needed to be written. A book rich in detail with fascinating insights into the family history, the failures, flaws, and ultimate rise of John Andrew Henry Forrest. From stuttering school boy to the billionaire philanthropist Australia knows as Twiggy.’ —Sydney Morning Herald


‘A riveting investigation of one of our richest businessmen, biggest philanthropists and greatest fast-talkers.’ —Laura Tingle