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The Best 100 Poems of Les Murray

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Les Murray

Les Murray (1938–2019) lived in Bunyah, near Taree in New South Wales. The author of some thirty books, his work is studied in schools and universities around Australia and has been translated into several foreign languages. In 1996 he was awarded …

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Praise for The Best 100 Poems of Les Murray

‘No poet has ever travelled like this, whether in reality or simply in the mind … Seeing the shape or hearing the sound of one thing in another, he finds forms’ —Clive James

‘There is no poetry in the English language now so rooted in its sacredness, so broadleafed in its pleasures and yet so intimate and conversational.’ —Derek Walcott

This is Murray as he sees himself: the icon in the mirror, not on the stage.’ —Australian


‘He is, quite simply, the one by whom the language lives.’ —Joseph Brodsky


‘[Murray’s] language crackles like bushfire.’ —Melbourne Review


‘An outstanding collection.’ —Canberra Times