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The Best Australian Stories 2015

Edited by

Amanda Lohrey

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About the editor

Amanda Lohrey

Amanda Lohrey is the author of the acclaimed novels Camille’s Bread, Vertigo and The Morality of Gentlemen, as well as the award-winning short story collection Reading Madame Bovary. She has also written two Quarterly …

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Praise for The Best Australian Stories 2015

‘Short fiction has a clarity because, at its best, it captures a moment in time forever. This collection ... is full of these unique and imaginative moments.’ —Guardian


‘As Amanda Lohrey writes in her introduction, itself a compact work of art, the stories all contain ‘an element of danger’; risk is palpable in the sexual and power-driven desires that overflow these narratives, with transgression enacted by, or perpetrated against, central characters.’ —Australian Book Review


‘Some of these writers are well known Australian storytellers and others are a revelation. All 20 are terrific. A few are ‘‘the best”.’ —Sydney Morning Herald


‘Essential reading … masterfully edited by Amanda Lohrey’ —West Australian


‘At times it’s brilliant, and succeeds in giving readers absorbing insights into a cross-section of Australian writing today.’ —Adelaide Advertiser

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