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About the author

Amanda Lohrey

Amanda Lohrey is the author of the acclaimed novels Camille’s Bread, Vertigo and The Morality of Gentlemen, as well as the award-winning short story collection Reading Madame Bovary. She has also written two Quarterly …

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Praise for Vertigo

Vertigo will keep you up much too late but it’s worth a one-sitting read.’ —West Australian

‘Extraordinarily vivid and compelling … a stunning and memorable novella’ —Age


‘Lohrey achieves a kind of perfection’ —Sydney Morning Herald


'A carefully crafted little gem of a book’ —Advertiser


Teachers' Resources


Urban life vs rural life; Mateship and camaraderie; Loss and grief; Healing and renewal

Reading age

Grades 11 & 12


A fable of love and awakening, about the unexpected ways emotion can return and life can change.

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Watch Amanda Lohrey, Robert Drewe and Chimamanda Adichie discuss novellas, short stories and novels at the Sydney Writers' Festival

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