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Cambodia’s Curse: The Modern History of a Troubled Land

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About the author

Joel Brinkley

Joel Brinkley, a professor of journalism at Stanford University, is a twenty-three-year veteran of the New York Times. He has worked in more than fifty nations and writes a nationally syndicated op-ed column on foreign policy. He won the Pulitzer …

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Praise for Cambodia’s Curse

Cambodia’s Curse will make you rage and make you grieve. With devastating data, no spin profi les, and poignant anecdotes Joel Brinkley spares no one in his ruthless scrutiny. Corruption has succeeded the Khmer Rouge as torturer and killer. With deep compassion and fury Brinkley makes us once again bear witness.’ —Winston Lord, former U.S. ambassador to China and former president of the Council on Foreign Relations


‘A saddening, sure-footed analysis of the way that power and corruption operate in Cambodia today. Joel Brinkley never loses sight of the victims. His book is withering, heart-felt, and persuasive.’ —David Chandler, professor emeritus, Monash University; author of A History of Cambodia and The Tragedy of Cambodian History

‘An excellent … account of a country whose historic poverty, exacerbated by the Vietnam War, remains remarkably unchanged.’ —Kirkus

‘A riveting piece of literary reportage.’ —Publisher's Weekly


‘A heartbreaking but vital status report on a people who deserve far better.’ —Booklist

‘Brinkley cuts a clear narrative path through the bewildering, cynical politics and violent social life of one of the worlds most brutalized and hard-up countries.’ —Foreign Affairs