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On Patrick White: Writers on Writers

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About the author

Christos Tsiolkas

Christos Tsiolkas is the author of six novels: Loaded, The Jesus Man, Dead Europe, The Slap, Barracuda and Damascus. He has published the short story collection, Merciless Gods, and …

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Praise for On Patrick White

On Patrick White is ultimately a love letter to its subject. It is a welcome celebration of a writer who laid bare his own contradictions in order to expose ours, and who continues to evade categorisation.’ —Sydney Morning Herald

‘One might wish it longer – the truncated nature of the enterprise means too much literary ground is traversed too breathlessly – but no one would wish it less urgently impassioned.’ —Weekend Australian

‘This splendid latest instalment in Black Inc.’s Writers on Writers series is an innovative critical reappraisal of White ... a moving tribute to White’s devastating skill with language, and an enlightening insight into the nature of literary influence.’ —Australian Book Review