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Recovery: How We Can Create a Better, Brighter Future After a Crisis

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About the author

Andrew Wear

Andrew Wear is a senior Australian public servant with degrees in politics, law, economics and public policy. A graduate of the Senior Executive Fellows Program at Harvard Kennedy School and a Victorian Fellow of the Institute of Public Administration …

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Praise for Recovery

‘This is a book to give you hope: Wear scours history for compelling reasons to believe we really can build a stronger and more sustainable economy after Covid.’ —Polly MacKenzie, CEO of Demos

‘The time to consider what comes after COVID-19 is now, and Andrew Wear is one of the most important thinkers on that big question of what comes next.’  —Andrew Giles MP

‘I love Recovery! And I love Andrew Wear’s realistic and infectiously optimistic nature, which powers his curiosity, innovation and resilience. My grandparents rebuilt after World War I and the Depression, and my parents rebuilt after World War II. Living up to that family history, I am working to help rebuild after a much less destructive global crisis ... Most people see a better normal for themselves and their family after COVID-19. As Wear concludes, “With the right choices, we will go on to create a better, brighter future.”’ —Victor Perton, founder and CEO of the Centre for Optimism

‘A must read. One of the brightest minds and policy advisers in the country. And buy the book. So damn good.’ —Denis Moriarty AM, Founder and Group Managing Director, Our Community

‘Offers a ten-point plan for cities to rejuvenate after Covid, including the need for governments to introduce dedicated agencies to coordinate the recovery process.’ —Herald Sun

‘Recovery is well written and weaves interesting anecdotes with informed analysis. But most importantly it is a clarion call to seize this rare opportunity for change and to set the bar of recovery higher than simply a return to how things were before.’ —Paradise is a Library

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