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Solved!: How Other Countries Have Cracked the World's Biggest Problems and We Can Too

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About the author

Andrew Wear

Andrew Wear is a senior Australian public servant with degrees in politics, law, economics and public policy. A graduate of the Senior Executive Fellows Program at Harvard Kennedy School and a Victorian Fellow of the Institute of Public Administration …

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Praise for Solved!

‘A refreshing, cup-half-full approach to inspire each and all of us we MUST and CAN do the hard work “to make the world a better place; imagine what we can do together”.’ —Dana H. Born, Harvard Kennedy School of Government


‘Andrew Wear shows why in pessimistic times there are reasons to feel optimistic about our capacity to solve the big problems the world is facing. I know from my work at Apolitical how much appetite there is for visionary solutions broken down into practical steps – something for which Wear has a knack.’ —Robyn Scott, co-founder and CEO of Apolitical


‘A terrific idea, brilliantly executed. This book deserves to spark a national conversation.’ —George Megalogenis, author of The Australian Moment

‘In a time of chaos, there are answers all around us if we take the time to look. Which is exactly what Wear does in this invaluable book.’ —Annabel Crabb, journalist and television host

‘At a time of mounting public dismay at the inability or unwillingness of our leaders to address the pressing issues of our time, Andrew Wear’s book is a welcome dose of optimism that we can create change. With the positivity of a self-help guide, Wear takes us around the globe showing us inspiring examples of progress and success across a number of challenging policy areas from health to education to climate change. Buy it if you are over gloom and doom and ready for action!’ —Rebecca Huntley, author of Still Lucky and Australia Fair

‘Andrew Wear offers something valuable and rarely present in such a practical book about politics: determined optimism, and real hope.’ —Van Badham, Guardian columnist and social commentator

‘In a world of endless outrage, armchair critics and keyboard warriors, Solved! is that rarest of things: a book that actually offers solutions to the planet’s problems instead of just listing them. It is only by listening to positive arguments such as these that we will ever stand a chance of fixing the world’s problems.’ —Joe Hildebrand, co-host of talk show Studio Ten

‘The times call for realistic and infectiously optimistic leadership – people are yearning for stories of hope. Andrew Wear’s Solved! inspires optimism, hope and a positive strategy to be the best we can be.’ —Victor Perton, founder of the Centre for Optimism

‘Optimistic, clear, compelling and realistic … Solved! is a well-informed guide to the globe’s most pressing problems. Wear has interviewed experts, considered the evidence and developed practical responses to pressing concerns such as global warming, schools performance and urban renewal. An uplifting and timely guide that show how policy – and citizens – can tackle even the largest challenges.’ —Glyn Davis, distinguished professor at Australian National University’s Crawford School of Public Policy

‘In this evidence-based and immensely readable book Andrew Wear takes us on a global journey of discovery to the places where our most challenging public policy problems have been solved. Combining academic research with personal narratives Wear offers powerful insights into the ability of municipalities, cities, and countries to transform their economic, social, and environmental outcomes. He also offers practical steps to help governments do likewise and highlights common features of policy success including: strong leadership, active government, citizen participation, business engagement, and collaboration. Anyone interested in designing and implementing public policy that works should read this book.’ —Professor Helen Sullivan, director of Australian National University’s Crawford School of Public Policy

‘This is an important book which puts forward realistic and achievable solutions to humanity’s ills.’ —New Internationalist UK

‘Wear conversationally imparts a wealth of carefully analyzed facts that amount to far more than a glorified BuzzFeed list. He has much to say not just to policymakers, but to business and other travelers to countries he profiles. Insightful [...] portraits of countries on the cutting edge of social progress.’ —Kirkus Reviews

‘Really fascinating stuff … it’s a good book to read at the moment if you’re stuck at home and the world seems a bit bleak because it shows how human ingenuity, evidence-based policy and cooperation can help us to get ahead and do a much better job.’ —Peter Mares, The Good Problem

"Solved! is a very good book written by an accomplished wordsmith ... It offers considerable food for thought for those seeking concrete solutions across a range of policy domains and, as such, is an important salve for the doubters of the capacities of governments to achieve important policy outcomes."—Allan Borowski, Journal of Social Work 

‘Solved! makes a good effort into living up to its name, and I’m the richer for reading it.’ —Abdulkareem Baba Aminu, Daily Trust

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