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Solved!: How Other Countries Have Cracked the World's Biggest Problems and We Can Too

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Andrew Wear

Andrew Wear is a senior Australian public servant. He has degrees in politics, law, economics and public policy, and is a graduate of the Senior Executive Program at Harvard Kennedy School. A fellow of the Institute of Public Administration Australia, …

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Praise for Solved!

‘A refreshing, cup-half-full approach to inspire each and all of us we MUST and CAN do the hard work “to make the world a better place; imagine what we can do together”.’ —Dana H. Born, Harvard Kennedy School of Government


‘Andrew Wear shows why in pessimistic times there are reasons to feel optimistic about our capacity to solve the big problems the world is facing. I know from my work at Apolitical how much appetite there is for visionary solutions broken down into practical steps – something for which Wear has a knack.’ —Robyn Scott, co-founder and CEO of Apolitical