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Use Your Words: A Myth-Busting, No-Fear Approach to Writing

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About the author

Catherine Deveny

Catherine Deveny is a writer, speaker and comedian. She is the author of ten books, including True North, Mental, Use Your Words and The Happiness Show.

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Praise for Use Your Words

‘Everyone has a book in them. Before you write yours, however, read this. It’s brilliant. The world will thank you.’—Clare Bowditch

‘Finally the truth about writing! Buy this book if you want to get the job done.’—Chrissie Swan

‘The most readable book on writing ever written.’—Dee Madigan

‘As practical and profane as the woman who wrote it.’—Benjamin Law

‘Catherine Deveny’s no-nonsense attitude and comedic genius make learning fun. If you’ve always wanted to write but never thought you could, banish those thoughts right now.’—Clementine Ford

‘An insightful, funny, honest how-to, go-do, firecracker-up-you bible for the emerging and established author alike. Buy it, read it, and WRITE.’—Maxine Beneba Clarke

‘One of the big risks of motivational books such as this is they can lapse into cheerleader cliches. Excellent instincts allow Deveny to avoid this pitfall. Her views on feedback are worth pinning up behind your desk.’ —the Age


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