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You Don’t Belong Here: How Three Women Rewrote the Story of War

Awards for You Don’t Belong Here

  • An Australian Country Style Best Book of 2021
  • A Foreign Affairs Best Book of 2021
  • Winner of the 2022 Harvard's Goldsmith Book Award


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About the author

Elizabeth Becker

Award-winning journalist Elizabeth Becker began her career as a war correspondent for The Washington Post in Cambodia. The author of You Don’t Belong Here, and the definitive book on the Khmer Rouge, When the War Was Over, …

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Praise for You Don’t Belong Here

‘When these three women were born, “lady journalists” wore flowery dresses and white gloves, and wrote about fashion and housekeeping. Today, because of the tenacity and bravery of women like Leroy, Fitzgerald and Webb, women report from the frontlines of the bloodiest conflicts … and they aren’t wearing white gloves.’ —Tony Clifton

‘Becker, a master international journalist herself, profiles the extraordinary courage, talent, and raw determination of three wartime female journalists, who succeeded in a man’s world and helped pave the way for women everywhere to receive the recognition and respect they deserve.’ ―Alan Lightman, bestselling author of Einstein’s Dreams and The Diagnosis

‘Here is a unique and valuable perspective on the Vietnam War. Elizabeth Becker has gracefully weaved admiring but clear-eyed portraits of three remarkable women who reported from its front lines. Their work, in Becker’s description of French photographer Catherine Leroy, “eschewed classic heroics,” recording both the courage and the human toll of war, earning the amazed respect of soldiers, and making an indelible contribution to our understanding of the war, then and now.’ ―Mark Bowden, bestselling author of Black Hawk Down and Hue 1968

‘A riveting read with much to say about the nature of war and the different ways men and women correspondents cover it. Frank, fast-paced, often enraging, You Don’t Belong Here speaks to the distance travelled and the journey still ahead.’ —Geraldine Brooks, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of March, former Wall Street Journal foreign correspondent

‘Ms. Becker has done us a great service by shining a light on three hidden women stars of the wars in IndoChina: Francis Fitzgerald, Kate Webb and Catherine Leroy. They fought their way through opposition from the “men’s club” of war corresponding to focus on reporting the truth, proving that they actually DID belong there. Put You Don’t Belong Here on your reading list!’ —Joseph L. Galloway, co-author of We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young

‘Riveting, powerful and transformative, Elizabeth Becker’s You Don’t Belong Here tells the stories of three astonishing women. This is a timely and brilliant work from one of our most extraordinary war correspondents.’ —Madeleine Thien, Booker Prize finalist and author of Don’t Say We Have Nothing

‘A deft, richly illuminating perspective on the Vietnam War.’ ―Kirkus Reviews

‘Elegant, angry, and utterly engaging, it is a long overdue story about a small band of courageous and visionary women ... A masterpiece of a book.’ —Rachel Louise Snyder, author of No Visible Bruises: What We Don’t Know About Domestic Violence Can Kill Us 

‘Elizabeth Becker’s luminous book not only belongs, it demands at last that these daring, resourceful, and path-breaking women take their rightful place in the history of the Indochina wars and journalists who covered them.’ —David Maraniss, author of They Marched into Sunlight: War and Peace, Vietnam and America, October 1967 

‘Every journalist should read this stunning book. Actually, everyone should ... Becker challenges you to see who these women were in a place they allegedly didn’t belong, while describing what and how they witnessed it.’ —Anne Garrels, former NPR foreign correspondent and author of Naked in Baghdad

‘Offers a personal and historical examination of women who challenged the rules imposed on them by the military, male peers, cultural and sexist barriers.’ —Washington Times

‘It is as engaging to read as it is critically enlightening in these times.’ —The Australian

‘French photographer Catherine Leroy, American journalist Frances FitzGerald and Australian reporter Kate Webb were gutsy mavericks who kept a low profile and went their own way.  All brought a fresh lens to the war and never lost sight of the unfolding human tragedy beyond the politics.’ —The Age/Sydney Morning Herald

‘Becker weaves together a wonderful and compelling picture of determination, talent and sacrifice that changed the face of journalism.’ —Herald Sun

‘The women who went there [Vietnam War]  set a new standard for reporting, developing a deeper, more humane way of writing about war and its terrible, needless suffering.’ —Inside Story

‘The untold stories of three brilliant female journalists – Aussie, French and US – who challenged taboos as war reporters.’ —Australian Women’s Weekly

‘Their [Leroy, FitzGerald & Webb] exploits make for thrilling reading and in the process the history of the 19-year conflict takes on a new significance.’ —Australian Country Style