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You Don’t Belong Here: How Three Women Rewrote the Story of War

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About the author

Elizabeth Becker

Award-winning journalist Elizabeth Becker began her career as a war correspondent for The Washington Post in Cambodia. The author of the definitive book on the Khmer Rouge, When the War Was Over, she has written regularly for a range …

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Praise for You Don’t Belong Here

‘When these three women were born, “lady journalists” wore flowery dresses and white gloves, and wrote about fashion and housekeeping. Today, because of the tenacity and bravery of women like Leroy, Fitzgerald and Webb, women report from the frontlines of the bloodiest conflicts … and they aren’t wearing white gloves.’ —Tony Clifton

‘Becker, a master international journalist herself, profiles the extraordinary courage, talent, and raw determination of three wartime female journalists, who succeeded in a man’s world and helped pave the way for women everywhere to receive the recognition and respect they deserve.’ ―Alan Lightman, bestselling author of Einstein’s Dreams and The Diagnosis

‘Here is a unique and valuable perspective on the Vietnam War. Elizabeth Becker has gracefully weaved admiring but clear-eyed portraits of three remarkable women who reported from its front lines. Their work, in Becker’s description of French photographer Catherine Leroy, “eschewed classic heroics,” recording both the courage and the human toll of war, earning the amazed respect of soldiers, and making an indelible contribution to our understanding of the war, then and now.’ ―Mark Bowden, bestselling author of Black Hawk Down and Hue 1968