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Brett Whiteley

Kathie Sutherland

The first comprehensive publication of Whiteley’s artistic oeuvre


Angelica Mesiti

Angelica Mesiti

Angelica Mesiti: A Communion of Stranger Gestures is the first significant publication dedicated to chronicling the practice of one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists. The 224-page, full colour book has been designed by Formist to reflect the elegance and beauty of Mesiti’s approach, with a subtle aesthetic nod to the ideas around communication and transmission that she often explores.

Focus & Field

Daniel von Sturmer

Focus & Field exquisitely documents Daniel von Sturmer’s 2014 show at Young Projects Gallery, Los Angeles. Created in the years following his presentation at the Australian Pavilion in the 52nd Venice Biennale, this exhibition and book trace von Sturmer’s conceptually determined and visually impactful practice.


Let's Destroy Work

Marco Fusinato

Let’s Destroy Work is the first major monograph on Marco Fusinato, published on the occasion of his presentation at the 2015 Venice Biennale All the World’s Futures. Fusinato’s politically driven work is realised with an intensity and experimentalism that has made him one of Australia’s most outstanding contemporary artists.


Antony Gormley

This tiny book reflects the scale of a new series of sculptures by world-renowned artist Antony Gormley. His series, also entitled Memes, was exhibited at Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne in 2011.

Gormley’s 33 ‘memes’ are miniature human forms evoking dolls or chess pieces, each assuming a different posture that signifies a psychoanalytic state.

Stereo Sequences

Shaun Gladwell

Stereo Sequences accompanied an exhibition of the same name by leading Australian artist Shaun Gladwell, who represented Australia at the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009. Conceived and created for ACMI’s unique subterranean gallery, the exhibition featured a series of multi-screen video works exploring concepts of duality, parallels and mirroring.

Up Close

Natalie King

This publication looks at four of the most influential photographers of the last 40 years, and whose works are steeped in the social, sexual and cultural politics of their time. Up Close readdresses the work of Carol Jerrems and is the first major publication to do so since 1990. Up Close observes Jerrems’s works alongside international photographers Larry Clark and Nan Goldin, as well as fellow Australian William Yang.

The Infinity Machine

Edward Scheer

This exceptional book catalogues 24 years of work by Mike Parr, an icon of contemporary Australian art. Infinity Machine brings together Mike Parr’s pioneering art with the expertise of performance studies writer, Dr Edward Scheer. The combined result of these leading figures is an unparalleled compilation of works and essays. Infinity Machine is a vital contribution to the field of performance art both within Australia and internationally.


Shaun Gladwell

Published on the occasion of the 2009 Venice Biennale, MADDESTMAXIMVS: PLANET & STARS SEQUENCE is a project, book and catalogue documenting a new major body of work by Shaun Gladwell. The publication maps the project in its entirety. Commencing in 2007, MADDESTMAXIMVS has continued with a series of recorded performances and sculptures that investigate representations of landscape and the mythological figures that are projected into these spaces.

Monument for the flooding of Royal Park

Tom Nicholson

Tom Nicholson’s acclaimed video work Monument for the flooding of Royal Park is here elaborated in a book of the same title. This video work evolved through a Creative Fellowship at the State Library of Victoria and was exhibited at Federation Square in the Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture in November 2008, in which it was awarded the second prize.

Performances 1971–2008

Mike Parr

Mike Parr is Australia’s most significant performance artist. His contribution to the development and establishment of performance art in Australia remains continuous and resolute. This long-awaited book pays homage to Parr’s achievements and is an essential admission into Australia’s cultural memory.

So Far

Dale Frank

So Far: The Art of Dale Frank 1980–2005 traces a trajectory in the work of world–renowned Australian artist Dale Frank. So Far is a magnificent career retrospective monograph, notable for its high production values and the new light it sheds on a major Australian artist.


A Short Ride in a Fast Machine

Charlotte Day

2005 marked Gertrude Contemporary’s 20th anniversary, and the organisation celebrated with a major exhibition and publication.

The exhibition component of A Short Ride in a Fast Machine ran from 22 July - 27 August 2005.


Leon van Schaik

Bell: The Life and Work of Guilford Bell, architect 1912­–1992 is the most comprehensive reflection on the life and career of one of Australia’s most prolific and enigmatic architects.

Ken Unsworth

Kate van den Boogert

Ken Unsworth’s importance to contemporary Australian installation, performance and sculpture is unequivocal. Ken Unsworth: a survey of projects 1975–1998 accompanied a major exhibition of the same name, held at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 1998. 

After Andy

Paul Taylor

‘From Taylor’s deft discussion of Andy Warhol’s so-called “piss” paintings to his portrayals of the era’s key superstars, the articles and reviews assembled here form what is in essence the first book about the art of the Eighties. They do a brilliant job of capturing the period, its lustre, and its shortcomings.’ – Allan Schwartzman

Silhouettes and Polychromes

John Young

This book addresses 15 years of John Young’s early-career practice comprising of his distinctive Silhouette and Polychrome works. 

Mike Parr

Graham Coulter-Smith

This exceptionally presented monograph catalogues Parr’s Self Portrait Project, an expansive, iterative project that dominated Parr’s practice from 1982 into the early nineties. Compiled by contemporary art theorist Graham Coulter-Smith, the publication features four essayistic chapters that contextualise and interpret the Self Portrait Project through psychoanalytic theories of desire and the self.