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Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia
Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia
Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia

Wouldn’t it be great if this book was required reading for every Australian child? Maybe then, the next generation might have more success than preceding ones at reconciliation. 
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Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia

Edited by

Anita Heiss

Awards for Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia

  • Winner, Small Publisher Adult Book of the Year at the 2019 Australian Book Industry Awards

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About the editor

Anita Heiss

Dr Anita Heiss AM is the author of non-fiction, historical fiction, commercial women's fiction, poetry, social commentary and travel articles. She is a Lifetime Ambassador of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and a proud member of the Wiradjuri nation …

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Praise for Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia

Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia is a mosaic, its more than 50 tiles – short personal essays with unique patterns, shapes, colours and textures – coming together to form a powerful portrait of resilience.’ —The Saturday Paper

‘... provides a diverse snapshot of Indigenous Australia from a much-needed Aboriginal perspective.’ —The Saturday Age

‘It’s really important to hear first-hand experiences and knowledge on a subject and this book provides just that. […] The book offers heartfelt tales, challenges stereotypes and will help you understand the inequalities prevalent in Australia today.’ —Fashion Journal

‘Black Australia is a patchwork – there is no homogenous black culture or experience. Adequately capturing the essence of hundreds of nations is no easy feat, but Anita Heiss has pulled together an incredible bunch of voices that reflect the humour, intelligence, strength and diversity of Aboriginal people in Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia.’ —Nayuka Gorrie, Feminist Writers Festival

‘Through poetry and nonfiction prose, each of the 52 contributions invites readers into the writer’s past to better understand their aspirations for the future.’ —Books+Publishing

‘As confronting as this one may be, Growing Up Aboriginal In Australia is an absolute must-read.’ —The Urban List

‘Wouldn’t it be great if this book was required reading for every Australian child? Maybe then, the next generation might have more success than preceding ones at reconciliation.’ —Good Weekend

‘Taken together, the diversity exhibited by these fifty pieces shatters that myth [that there is only one narrowly defined way to be and look Aboriginal]. One hopes for a sequel.’ —Australian Book Review

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Aboriginality, identity, kinship, culture, country, Australian history, racism

Reading age

Suitable for years 9-12


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