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See What You Made Me Do
See What You Made Me Do
See What You Made Me Do
See What You Made Me Do
See What You Made Me Do
See What You Made Me Do
See What You Made Me Do
See What You Made Me Do
See What You Made Me Do
See What You Made Me Do

Such a well-written book and so well researched. See What You Made Me Do sheds new light on this complex issue that affects so many of us.
—Rosie Batty

See What You Made Me Do: Power, Control and Domestic Abuse

Book club notes

Awards for See What You Made Me Do

  • Winner, 2020 Stella Prize
  • Winner, 2020 ABA Booksellers’ Choice Adult Non-Fiction Book of the Year
  • Highly Commended, 2020 Davitt Awards, Non-Fiction Crime Book
  • Finalist, 2019 Walkley Book Award
  • Finalist, 2019 Australian Human Rights Commission Media Award
  • Shortlisted, 2019 Victorian Premier's Literary Awards
  • Shortlisted, 2020 Australian Book Industry Awards, General Non-fiction Book of the Year
  • Shortlisted, 2020 Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Non-fiction
  • Longlisted, 2019 Indie Book Awards
  • Longlisted, 2020 Australian Book Design Association Awards, Best Designed Autobiography/Biography/Memoir/Non-fiction Cover
  • Longlisted, 2020 Booksellers’ Choice Awards, Adult Non-Fiction Book of the Year
  • A Readings Best Australian Nonfiction Book of 2019

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About the author

Jess Hill

Jess Hill is an investigative journalist and the author of See What You Made Me Do and the Quarterly Essay The Reckoning. She has been a producer for ABC Radio and journalist for Background Briefing, and …

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See What You Made Me Do

Praise for See What You Made Me Do

‘A shattering book: clear-headed and meticulous, driving always at the truth’—Helen Garner

‘One Australian a week is dying as a result of domestic abuse. If that was terrorism, we’d have armed guards on every corner.’—Jimmy Barnes 

‘Confronting in its honesty this book challenges you to keep reading no matter how uncomfortable it is to face the profound rawness of people’s stories. Such a well written book and so well researched. See What You Made Me Do sheds new light on this complex issue that affects so many of us.’—Rosie Batty

‘If See What You Made Me Do is a call for action then it is unlike any that has yet been written in Australia in its accessibility, depth of research and in its capacity, unlike government or academic reports, to capture the visceral feeling of domestic terror.’ —Alecia Simmonds, Sydney Review of Books

‘Sometimes you begin reading a book and everything else you need to do or think about instantly recedes. See What You Made Me Do by Jess Hill is one such book.…To call it courageous is a gross understatement.’ —Elke Power, Readings Monthly

’In the present climate it’s hard to make predictions, but it’s my bet that See What You Made Me Do will be the definitive text on domestic abuse for some time.’ —Sara Dowse, Inside Story

‘The shared stories of coercion and control, the way in which Hill draws out the intimate and the personal to provide a picture of what happens in our country today should be compulsory reading for politicians at every level.’ —Jenna Price, Sydney Morning Herald

‘This book represents a new way of thinking about and acting on domestic abuse in Australia, and is an example of exceptional research and the power of storytelling in non-fiction.’ —The Garret Podcast

‘Domestic abuse is hard to write about, hard to read about, hard to think about – everything in our culture makes silence the easy option. Breaking the silence takes skill and courage, and Jess Hill has both. Essential reading.’ —Laurie Penny, author of Unspeakable Things

‘…brilliant’ —Sally Talbot, The West Australian

‘This is the book that reinvigorated my love of non-fiction … it remains one of the most eye-opening and important books I've ever read.’ —Nicole Madigan, Mamamia

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